Lenovo Laptop Data Recovery

Lenovo produce many different types of laptops, from no fuss work computers to fancy flip-able touch screen gadgets.

We have seen many Lenovo laptops over the years, and rescued many a  precious photo and important document.

If your hard drive has seen its last day, don’t panic: your data is just a call away! 

Some of the Lenovo laptops we have recovered data from:


  • Yoga 11s
  • Yoga 2
  • Yoga 2 Pro
  • Flex 14
  • U330 Touch

ThinkPad Series

  • T400
  • T410
  • T430
  • X220
  • X230
  • X201

Thinkpad G Series

  • G500
  • G505
  • G505s
  • G570
  • G575
  • G710

If you have any problems with your Lenovo Laptop get in touch right away for fast, efficient service!


Remember - when affected by data loss issues - Don’t Panic!

Just switch if off and contact a specialist.

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