Buffalo Terastation Data Recovery

We can recover data from all Terastations and other Network Attached Storage devices.

We can recover the data if the unit is:

  • Not powering on, completely dead
  • Firmware problems due to a failed update, or it’s been switched off at the mains (no UPS attached)
  • Raid Volume is corrupt

Showing errors such as:

  • “Red Blinking Lights”
  • “Error E04 on LCD Panel”
  • “Constant Beeps”
  • “Stuck in EM Mode”
  • “Error E14 Cannot Mount Array”

Models covered include but not exclusive to:

  • HD-HTGL (Terastation)
  • HS-HTGL (Terastation Home Server)
  • TS-TGL V1 (TSPro1 or Terastation Pro)
  • TS-HTGL V2 (TSPRO2 or Terastation Pro II)
  • TS-HTGL v2 (TSLIVE Or Terastation Live)
  • HS-DHTGL (TSES Or Terastation ES)

Our advice is to switch off the unit and get it looked at professionally, reinitialising raid sets etc can lead to data loss and make data recovery a lot more difficult.


I was very pleased with your service;  both data recovery and the recommendation and advice, purchase and setup of the new Synology ds212j  was great.  – Barry Moss – Nov 2012 – 550 GB Data recovered from a corrupted Buffalo Terrastation TS2.0tgl/r5 with 4 250GB Western Digital Drives


Any questions get in touch or Book your failed NAS drive in for a diagnostic

Remember - when affected by data loss issues - Don’t Panic!

Just switch if off and contact a specialist.

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