Over the years we have seen drives damaged in all kinds of ways. The different levels and types of damage can dictate the overall cost of Data Recovery.
Below we have listed and explained a few of the more common types of damage.




Impact (dropped, thrown, bashed)

Perhaps, the most common reason for hard drive failure is mistreatment. Just dropping a drive can cause data threatening damage, let alone throwing or bashing one. We advise; don’t throw or bash your drive, even if it is being annoying! Saying that, we will forgive you if you drop it, human error and all that!


Yep, that’s right, squashed! We’ve had many stepped on, stamped on, dropped-something on situations. They never end well; generally we end up having to replace both the ‘heads’ and ‘platters,’ which can cost around £500.
Quick tip: Don’t leave your hard drive on the floor.

Squashed Laptop

Squashed laptops can often end with squashed hard drives. As laptops are generally extremely thin and often plastic, the internal hard drives are more exposed to danger than you may think. Ever heard a weird scrapping noise when you pick up your laptop? Yep, that’s you slightly squashing your hard drive, definitely to be avoided.


Nope, hard drives are in no way bendy. That said, if you do fancy giving yours a good old bend please expect a catastrophic seizure of the drive. Bending the drive will also result in the heads scratching the platters, bare in mind a spec of dust can harm the data on a platter, just think of the damage a scratch could do. Blimey!


So, your hard drive lost it’s will to spin. You ask your ‘techy’ friend to have a look at it. STOP! Whatever you do, make sure they absolutely, definitely DO NOT open it! HDDs are vacuum sealed and extremely fragile inside,  even the smallest finger print or spec of dust can badly damage the data.

Fire Damage

Sadly we have seen a number of drives which have been damaged by fire. As you may guess, recovering data from a drive which has started to melt and warp is far from simple. The process is slow and extremely difficult, and we cant always guarantee a full recovery. Due to all this, data recovery from fire damaged drives can cost between £600 – £1000+.


Remember - when affected by data loss issues - Don’t Panic!

Just switch if off and contact a specialist.

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