These are the minimum prices for data recovery on drives up to 500GB that have not been tampered with (e.g. opened outside of a clean room). The price to recover data from severely damaged, previously opened or larger drives may vary from this guide.

• Basic logical (e.g. damaged file system) £120 – £250

• Advanced logical (e.g. System restored) £160 – £250

• Electronic fault (e.g. dead or burned PCB) £340 – £440

• Moderate firmware or media issues £400 – £440

• Severe firmware or media issues £440 – £540

• Level 1 physical issues (e.g. heads failure) £450 – £550

• Level 2 physical issues (e.g. seized motor) £440 – £550 (2.5” laptop drives)

• Level 2 physical issues (e.g. seized motor) £550 – £650 (3.5” desktop drives)

• Drives that are clicking, buzzing, or making odd noises will be a minimum of £440
Data recovery usually takes 7 – 10 working days, though express and emergency services are available at a higher rate.

On occasion, if the drive is severely damaged or has been opened outside of a clean room, there may be a “parts fee”. In these instances we will notify you before we proceed and there will be no obligation to go ahead with recovery.