SCSI Drive Data Recovery

SCSI (small computer systems interface) drives are mainly in servers and older high end PC’s, they used to be the fastest hard drives you could buy. we don’t see as many of these as we used to as they have mainly been replaced by SAS (an updated version of SCSI)  or standard SATA drives.

We still recover data from all types of these drives, sometimes when two drives in a raid 5 have failed or a raid 0 external storage has failed.

IDE (PATA) Drive Data Recovery

We still see these drives regularly, it’s an older standard but still plenty of drives out there being used in external drives and old laptops.

Below is a list of some common IDE and SCSI Drives  (50pin, 68pin, SCA) that we have recovered data from

  • 242622-001 4.3gb h/plug
  • 176493-001 9.1gb 10k
  • 152188-001 9.1gb 10k h/plug
  • 313715-001 9.1gb 7200 h/plug
  • 349531-001 9.1gb 7200 h/plug
  • 336366-001 9.1gb 10k h/plug
  • 104663-001 18gb u/wide h/plug
  • 152190-001 18gb 10k u3 h/plug
  • 336382-001 18gb 10k u/wide h/plug
  • 313764-001 18gb u/wide h/plug
  • 177986-001 36gb 10k h/plug
  • 104659-001 36gb h/plug
  • 232432-B22 72gb 10k u/wide


  • MAC3045SC 4.5gb sca
  • MAH3091MC 9.1gb u160 sca
  • MAH3182MP 18gb u160 68p
  • MAH3182MC 18gb u160 sca
  • MAJ3091MP 9.1gb u160 68p
  • MAJ3182MP 18gb u160 68p
  • MAJ3364MC 36gb u160 sca
  • MAN3184NC 18gb u320 sca
  • MAN3184NP 18gb u320 68p
  • MAN3184MC 18gb u160 sca
  • MAN3367NC 36gb u320 sca
  • MAN3367MC 36gb u160 sca
  • MAN3367NP 36gb u320 68p
  • MAN3735MC 73gb u160 sca
  • MAN3735NP 73gb u320 68p
  • MAM3184MC 18gb u160 sca
  • MAM3184MP 18gb u160 68p
  • MAM3367MC 36gb u160 sca
  • MAP3367NP 36gb u320 68p
  • MAP3367NC 36gb u320 sca
  • MAP3735NC 73gb u320 sca
  • MAP3735NP 73gb u320 68p
Western Digital

  • WDE9180-0049 9.1gb sca
  • WDE18300-0048 18gb 68p


  • 22L0221 DDRS-34560 4.5gb 68p
  • 22L0211 DDRS-39130 9.1gb 68p
  • 22L0231 DDRS-39130 9.1gb sca
  • 25L1910 DNES-309170 9.1gb 68p
  • 25L1930 DNES-309170 9.1gb sca
  • 25L1780 DNES-318350 18gb 50p
  • 25L1800 DNES-318350 18gb 68p
  • 25L1900 DNES-318350 18gb 68p
  • 25L1920 DNES-318350 18gb sca
  • 25L2102 DNES-318350 18gb sca
  • 07N3100 DPSS-336950 36gb 68p
  • 07N3130 DPSS-336950 36gb sca


  • QM309100KN-LW Atlas IV 9.1gb 68p
  • QM309100XC-LW Atlas V 9.1gb 68p
  • QM309100KN-SCA Atlas IV 9.1gb sca
  • QM309100XC-SCA Atlas V 9.1gb sca
  • QM318200TD-SCA Atlas III 18gb sca
  • QM318300XC-SCA Atlas V 18gb sca
  • TY18L461 Atlas 10k II 18.4gb 68p
  • KW018L2 18gb Atlas 10k III 68p
  • KW036J4 Atlas 10k III 36gb sca
  • XC36J011 Atlas V 36gb sca

  • ST34520N 4.5gb 50p
  • ST34573N 4.5gb 50p
  • ST34573WC 4.5gb sca
  • ST32171WC 2.1gb sca
  • ST32430W 2.1gb 68p
  • ST39173LW 9.1gb 68p
  • ST39173WC 9.1gb sca
  • ST39173LC 9.1gbsca
  • ST318436LC 18gbsca
  • ST318437LW 18gb 68p
  • ST318453LC 18gb sca
  • ST19171WC 9.1gb sca
  • ST19101W 9.1gb 68p
  • ST39140N 9.1gb 50p
  • ST39140W 9.1gb 68p
  • ST39103LW 9.1gb 10k 68p
  • ST318405LC 18gb 10K sca
  • ST318406LW 18gb 10K 68p
  • ST318406LC 18gb 10K sca
  • ST318416N 18gb 50p
  • ST318417N 18gb 50p
  • ST318418N 18gb 50p
  • ST318453LC 18gb 15k sca
  • ST336918N 36gb 50p
  • ST336704LC 36gb 10k sca
  • ST336607LC 36gb 10k sca
  • ST373405LC 73gb 10k sca
  • ST373207LW 73gb 10k 68p
  • ST373307LC 73gb 10k sca

Previous Clients Include Bristol University, Bristol City Council, BBC, NHS, Airbus