External Hard Drives Data Recovery

External Hard Drive Data Recovery

External Hard Drives are very useful because they have the capacity to store a very large amount of data.

Having an external USB or Thunderbolt, PCIe or Firewire hard drive enables you to store large files such as Video footage, Photographs, Large Photoshop files, VM images etc…

This vast amount of storage makes them very useful in many different business’ including; Photography, Video Editing, Graphic Design, Music and so on.

The problem is they tend to get used as primary storage rather than backup drives, so storing all the original files on it without a copy elsewhere.

We’ve found this type of drive the most vulnerable and most prone to failure, they can be dropped, knocked, they get plugged in and moved while running, drinks spilt on them ….

They are also prone to general wear and tear, ports breaking, power surges and so forth

Signs that a drive is starting to fail are:

  • Taking an unusually long time to come up on the desktop, or My computer
  • Clicking or Buzzing noises
  • Strange file corruption occurring within documents , ie you Word asks you for the character or text encoding on a document.
  • Taking a long time to navigate folders
  • NTFS disk Errors is the event log

Signs that is has failed are:

  • Not appearing in finder (apple mac) or My computer
  • Clicking or Buzzing noises coming from the hard drive when connected.
  • You get a message ‘The disk in drive F is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?’  (don’t, just unplug it and give us a call)
  • You get a message on your Apple Mac ‘cannot initialize disk’

There are many things that can go wrong from File System Corruption, Seized Spindles, Head failure, Firmware failure, Media Damage you have to be very careful.

Never fear though, because that’s what we do here at Maindisc – we can recover your data for you (and we’ll recover it on an importance basis, meaning we’ll get your most precious data back for you first).

When sending in any drive please include any enclosure (plastic surround) and do not open them and risk further damage.

If you have any problems with your Hard Drive, get in touch right away for fast, efficient service!

Some of the most popular external Hard Drives we’ve recovered data from in the past:

Portable hard drives (2.5″):

LaCie – Rugged

Toshiba – G-Tech

Seagate  – Expansion

WD – Elements

Verbatim – Store n’ Go

WD – My Passport

Transcend – Store Jet

Clickfree – C2

Buffalo – Ministation

Toshiba – Canvio

Toshiba – Store.E

Seagate – Backup Plus

Samsung – M3 


Desktop: (3.5″)

LaCie – Big Disk

WD – MyBook

Toshiba – G-Tech

LaCie – Porsche Design

Samsung – D3

HP – SimpleSave

Seagate – FreeAgent GoFlex

Iomega – Prestige

Verbatim – USB Desktop

Hitachi – Touro and XL

Buffalo – Drivestation

IoSafe – Solo G3


Previous Clients Include Bristol University, Bristol City Council, BBC, NHS, Airbus