Kingston Traveler Data Recovery

Kingston Datatraveler Data Recovery

At Maindisc we’ve recovered data from almost all of the different types of USB sticks that exist.  The Kingston Datatraveler is one of the most popular around.

It comes in a variation of different colours, sizes and capacities, and is very aesthetically pleasing when compared to a lot of other drives. This is perhaps one of the main reasons for it’s popularity.

We have recovered data for students and teachers alike from these drives.

Some of the models we have recovered include:

  • DTSE9H  – 32GB
  • TSE9H – 16G
  • DTIG4 – 32GB
  • DTSE9H – 64GB
  • DT101G2 – 16GB
  • DT101G2 – 8GB
  • DTU30G3 – 32GB
  • DTMCK – 16GB
  • DTIG3 – 8GB
  • DT100G3 – 32GB
  • DTHXP30 – 1TB

If you are having any issues with yours, give us a call!

Remember - when affected by data loss issues - Don’t Panic!

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