LaCie SSD Data Recovery

LaCie are one of the major external hard drive manufacturers, they have been at the for front of new hard drive technology over the years. being the first to release ‘Thunderbolt’ drives, and one of the first to release consumer external SSDs.

Like their other devises, LaCie’s External SSDs are premium, design focused products, which not only improve your work speed but also the look of your desk.

Due to the popularity of LaCie we have recovered data from many of their drives, including:

Rugged Series:

  • 9000291 – 120GB – USB 3.0 – Thunderbolt
  • 9000352 – 256GB – USB 3.0 – Thunderbolt

Little Big Disk Series:

  • 9000321 – 512GB – Thunderbolt
  • 9000310 – 1000GB – Thunderbolt

If you have any problems with your Lacie SSD get in touch right away for a fast, efficient service!


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