Here are a few examples of our recent work.


April 2013

Small video production business with video files stored on External Hard drive Western Digital My Passport drive – No Backup.

The drive was an Apple hfs+ formatted, 750Gb My Passport. The drive had been dropped and the heads had hit the landing ramp.

These drives also have hardware encryption locked to the enclosure. (even without a password set)

Replaced the heads, imaged the drive, then unlocked the encrypted image, 99% recovery 133GB recovered

Price = £500 + VAT


March 2013

Small business with all quickbooks files and other accounts data stored on failed laptop hard drive – No Backup- Fujitsu 120GB

Brought in a Fujitsu MHW2120BH drive, the drive was seized with head damage.

Replaced the heads and got a 99% Recovery as there was no platter damage.

Price = £400 +VAT


February 2013

Small business user, all work files stored on a NAS with no backup.

Brought in a QNAP TS-412 containing 4 x 2TB WD Green drives that was wanting to initialise the raid as it had become corrupted.
We de-striped the raid and recovered 2TB+ Of work documents and photos –  Succeeded with 100% recovery.
Price = £299 + VAT

January 2013

Home PC user, copied all files and photos onto 2.5″ external drive, then the drive failed. The drive was making a high pitch whine and not reading.

We diagnosed it as completely seized up, (Spindle Seizure) a difficult job, needing parts. (needs all the platters and headstack removed and put into a donor chasis) However succeeded with 90-100% recovery.
Price = £489 + VAT

Company Directors laptop hard drive – 500GB Hitachi

Brought in a hard drive that was clicking.
We diagnosed the problem as damaged heads. This job required work in the clean room, replacement heads (two donor drives to get a clean read). Success rate was 85-95%
Price = £427 + VAT

December 2012

A large company backup server Dell Poweredge 4 disk raid 5 on a PERC controller, volume corrupt and not reading.

Imaged all four drives and de-striped the raid, recovered 700GB + data

Price = £350 + VAT

Programmer with development files held on a Buffalo Terastation 4 x WD 250GB drives, raid corrupted due to power cut, NAS drive just beeping loudly

Imaged all four drives and de-striped the raid, recovered 600GB + data

Price = £299 + VAT


All jobs are diagnosed individually and a price given for the amount of work required to carefully retrieve your valuable data.

This way you only pay for the work done and not a fixed higher price.



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