At this point we are sure you’re asking: but how much will it cost?

Well data recovery is a lot like car mechanics, without knowing what the problem is with your device it is pretty much impossible to know how much labour it will need or if it needs parts. You wouldn’t expect a mechanic to be able to tell you how much it will cost to get your car through it’s MOT without looking at it first right?

It’s generally quite a lot of work to accurately diagnose the problem with the drive and determine what can be recovered.

Because of this we charge a £42 diagnostic fee when you bring in your device which is deducted from your end quote.

We take a look at it and tell you what the issue is, what our expected success rate is and how much it will cost.

If you need it done quickly we can do an emergency diagnostic (within 48hrs) for £120 which again is deducted from the end quote.

However what we can do is give you some examples of the most common problems and an estimate of how much past jobs have cost with those problems.

Hard Drives:

Clicking – This is most likely to be a head failure. Heads are what read your data from the discs or platters.
This is usually between £350 – £550

Loud clicking, clunking, buzzing or burning smell – Again this is probably a problem with the head where a fault has caused them to hit the platters and damage them.
This is usually between £450 – £750

Reading drive but not opening – This is most likely caused by accidental formatting or corruption and you’ll be happy to hear one of the easiest problems to fix.
This is usually between £150 – £250

Power to device but not showing on computer – This is most likely a firmware failure. Firmware is the software programmed onto the device that tells it how to talk to the computer.
This is usually between £300 – £450


We believe treating each case individually with individual quotes is the fairest way to price recoveries and provide the best value to you.


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Maindisc were brilliant. I got my dissertation back quickly and with ease. Very easygoing friendly staff. I would recommend these guys to anyone. Thanks once again! – Frederic Bolton – Bristol University

Recovery from failed Apple Macbook Pro, Bootcamp partition was showing up but nothing else – 500GB  Hitachi 5K500 b-500  –  HTS545050B9SA02  rapidly failing drive with a lot of bad sectors and Filevault 2 encryption on the main partition.