Sony Laptop Data Recovery

Sony are one of the world’s giant technology companies.

They produce high end, design focused PC laptops. Which offer a higher build quality than many of its competitors.
It is only in the last few years that the PC competition has become competition, in term of design aesthetic.

Despite Apple now ruling a large percentage of this premium market, Sony offers a similar ethos for those who prefer to work in Windows.

Here are but a few of the Sony laptops we have seen:

VAIO Fit Series

  • SVf1521P2EW
  • SVf1521P2EB
  • E SVf1532F4EW
  • E SVf1521A2EB

VAIO Tap Series

  • Tap 11 – Pentium
  • Tap 11 – i3

VAIO Duo Series

  • SVD1321M2EW

VAIO Pro Series

  • SVP1321M2EB

Older Models include:

  • PCG-7113m
  • PCG-71311M
  • PCG-4L1M
  • VGN-bx369xp
  • VGN-FW21L
  • VGN NR32mM
  • VGN-FW31E
  • VGN-FS485B


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