Maindisc is committed to  delivering a professional data recovery service and a high level of customer service. The following is an outline of our terms and conditions which protect both our customers and ourselves.

Diagnostic Fee:

1. Maindisc aim to complete the standard diagnostic within 5-7 working days, in extreme circumstances e.g fire damage it may take longer.

2. Maindisc aim to complete the express diagnostic within 2 working days.

3. The diagnostic fee must be paid before any diagnostic results are given to the customer.

4. The cost of the diagnostic fee will be deducted from the final quote for recovery.

5. If the drive is unrecoverable or the customer declines a quote Maindisc retain the cost of the diagnostic.


Open Drive Fee:

1. If the drive has be physically opened previously to coming to Maindisc, a £120 inc VAT open drive fee will apply. This fee is deducted from the final quote.

2. If the drive is unrecoverable or the customer declines a quote, Maindisc will retain the open drive fee.



1. Once the diagnostic has been completed the customer will be contacted with either a quote for the cost of recovery or a report of damage and informed that the drive is unrecoverable.

2. The customer can choose to accept or accept subject to a file list. On request of a file list the customer will be asked for a list of files they require, if these files appear in the file list the            recovery will go ahead and the quote will be applied if the recovery is successful.

3. The quote only applies once we have successfully recovered the data from the drive.

4. 85% and higher is a successful recovery.

5. Should the recovery be less than 85% successful the customer is under no obligation to pay however will be offered a file list of successfully recovered data and a reduced quote.



1. Recovered data and any equipment left in the Maindisc office must be collected within 30 days of completion or declaration of failed drive.

2. Data Recoveries must be fully checked by the client within 5 working days of receiving the recovered data. Maindisc will need to to be notified of any problems within this 5 day period.  Any issues arising past this point cannot be resolved, as we do not store long term copies of the data on our systems.

3. Any drives or equipment left with us for more than 90 days will be disposed of after 3 attempts to contact the client.




1. All costs must be paid or Go Cardless direct debit set up before any recovered data can be collected.

2. An invoice will be created from the date the recovered data is received by the Maindisc office.

3. Customers have 30 days to collect their data and pay the invoice.

4. Maindisc reserves the right to apply the late fees on overdue invoice (see Late Fees below).


Late Fees:

1. Customers have 14 days past the 30 day payment term before late fees maybe applied.

2. Late fees equal an interest rate of 8.5% per annum which will be applied daily and backdated to the day after the invoice became due.

3. Customers paying late fees will receive a weekly invoice with additional charges.

4. Failure to pay after a further 60 days from due date could result in legal action.