Toshiba Desktop Series Data Recovery

Toshiba are one of the bigger computer manufacturers, unlike companies like Western Digital and Seagate; They make both components and actual PC’s.

They are one of the leading Hard Drive manufacturers, with tech giants such as Sony, HP and Apple using their hard drives.

the desktop series, is Toshiba line of 3.5″ drives designed to go in PC towers. Most spin at 7200rpm and therefore have a slightly faster read and write speed than its 2.5″ laptop sibling.

Available in these capacities:

  • 1 TB – PA4291E-1HJ0
  • 2TB – PA4292E-1HL0
  • 500GB- DT01ACA050
  • 1TB – DT01ACA100
  • 2TB – DT01ACA200
  • 3TB – DT01ACA300

If you need any or all your data recovered from your Toshiba drive, please get in touch.

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