We can recover data from all types of USB memory stick

USB Memory Stick Data Recovery

As capacities for Memory Sticks or Flash Drives increase so does the amount of data being stored on these drives.

Students will now carry a 32GB memory stick with all their coursework or dissertation research stored on the drive, Teachers and Lecturers tend to do the same.

These drives tend to be quite robust and take some knocks, but like all storage they can fail.

And with the increased capacites comes complexity, the 32GB drive described above will contain 4 x 8GB chips on one board in a raid array with a small onboard raid controller.

Sometimes drives tend to get snapped or physically broken, the temptation here is to get a soldering iron and try to repair the connection, this usually results in burning one of the chips and making data recovery a lot more difficult.

We have recovered data from great number of broken USB memory sticks  for Students, Teachers and Lecturers. From Bristol University, Bath University, Exeter University, Bristol UWE, City of Bristol College, RWA, Clifton College, Bristol Grammar School, QEH and many other educational establishments.

A few of the USB Memory stick / Flash Drives we have successfully recovered data from:

Kingston – Data Traveler

Verbatim – Store’n’Go

Corsair – Flash Voyager

Sandisk – Cruzer

Transcend – JetFlash

Crucial – Gizmo! Twist Turn

Bytestore – Dataferry

Intenso – Rainbowline

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Previous Clients Include Bristol University, Bristol City Council, BBC, NHS, Airbus