Western Digital Elements Data Recovery

WD Elements Data Recovery

The WD Elements hard drive is a popular drive and some models have features such as hardware encrytion.

This is a great thing for data security and not so good for data recovery.

Hardware encryption (you have to enter a password on the computer to use the drive) is genrally locked to the chip in the enclosure.

This is true even if there hasn’t been a password set, though occasionally  we can get round this, it depends on the exact model.

When you send in one of these models ensure you include the enclosure (plastic case and any parts) even if not working.

We have recovered these drives before and have experience of head repairs, imaging the drive then unlocking the encryption to access and recover your data.



Signs of a failing drive are:

Taking an unusually long time to come up on the desktop, or My computer

Clicking or Buzzing noises,

Strange file corruption occurring within documents , ie you Word asks you for the character or text encoding on a document.

Taking a long time to navigate folders

NTFS disk Errors is the event log


Signs that is has failed are:

Not appearing in finder (apple mac) drive will not mount or My computer

Clicking or Buzzing noises coming from the hard drive when connected.

You get a message ‘The disk in drive F is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?’  (don’t, just unplug it and give us a call)

You get a message on your Apple Mac ‘cannot initialize disk’


There are many things that can go wrong from File System Corruption,Seized Spindles, Head failure, Firmware failure, Media Damage.

Failing drives have to be handled carefully, if you run free data recovery software on a drive with failing heads or deteriorating media it can make the difference between being recoverable and not.

We can recover your data for you (and we’ll recover it on an importance basis, meaning we’ll get your most precious data back for you first).

If you have any problems with your Hard Drive, get in touch right away for fast, efficient service!


Remember - when affected by data loss issues - Don’t Panic!

Just switch if off and contact a specialist.

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Western Digital Elements 2TB – Fault : Firmware lockout and Media Damage – 600GB + Recovered

I contacted numerous data recovery shops based in Bristol, after not getting anywhere I strolled though the internet and came across Maindisc

The website was clear and the service very friendly, definitely gave me peace of mind,  very quick service and answered all my questions. Michael Jenkins – 8th Sense Media 2013