Western Digital Velociraptor Data Recovery

Western Digital hard drives are used by many computer manufacturers, including  Apple, Dell and HP.
Although they are considered very reliable, we have recovered Data from many Western Digital products.

The Velociraptor drive, spins at a mind bending 10,000 rotations per minute. Resulting in an extremely fast read and write speed.
This drive doesn’t have time to care about things like energy consumption, instead it gets the task done fast.

The western digital velociraptor is available in these capacities:

  • 250 GB – WD2500HHTZ
  • 300GB – WD3000HLFS
  • 500GB – WD5000HHTZ
  • 1000GB – WD1000DHTZ

If you are having any troubles with yours, please get in touch.

Remember - when affected by data loss issues - Don’t Panic!

Just switch if off and contact a specialist.

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